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July 2, 2009 Ramblings

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If you have not already figured out the greatness of then I will help. Okay so they may not be the greatest place in the world – and yes you should support your local bookstore. But I must confess that I am hopelessly addicted to I live in the middle of everything, as in I am 300 miles away from 3 very large cities, in a very small town.

I love our local bookstore but their square footage is slightly larger than my single wide trailer. They are very friendly there and can order in just about anything, but for some reason I still prefer I guess I am just spoiled.

About once a month I spend $50 on books. Most of them are freelance related and I have even written reviews on about the books I have recently finished. Someday I may update others, but I just figured out how easy it is to set up a profile and write reviews.

Unfortunately they do not pay for their reviews, but they do pay through their affiliate program. It is well known that books are a common weakness for writers. So…if you are a writer it pays to sign-up for Amazon’s affiliate program and include links to your store, lists, profiles and reviews any where that is suiting.

As with all things, it is important to maintain the balance between informing and spamming.

If you would like information on and my opinion of various freelancing books on the market please visit my Profile. It includes my reviews, wish list and recently purchased items. I have rated every book I have purchased recently so it is a good indicator of the books I suggest. If you have any questions about them or would like me to write a detailed book review for this blog please let me know!

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